Educational Telecommunications
CECS 5400.020
Fall 1999
A Connected World

Course Description: This CECS course at UNT will cover development of educational telecommunications in the United States; theories and practices.

Prerequisites: CECS 1100 or approval from instructor.

Instructor: Dr.Gerald Knezek

  • Meet Your Classmates!

  • Meeting Information:
    The class will meet in Wooten Hall 122 at 9:00 a.m. for the first class session.
    Wichita Falls classroom will be announced later.

    CECS 5400 is being offered as a Web-based course. Participants will be required to attend only four times (1st class, midterm, CU-SeeMe Session and for the paper/project presentation).
    UNT meeting dates: 
    • September 11 (first meeting date)
    • October 16 (midterm)
    • November 13 (CU-SeeMe) 
    • December 11 (final project presentations en lieu of final exam)
    Wichita Falls meeting dates: 
    • September 18 (first meeting date)
    • October 23 (midterm)
    • November 13 (CU-SeeMe)
    • December 4 (final project presentations en lieu of final exam)

    Lectures will be recorded for later availability on the Web. Students are welcome to attend class in person or listen to the lectures later during the week. Assignments, visuals and most materials will be distributed via the WWW. Assignments will be submitted via email and discussions will take place via various Internet services.

    Access to an Internet browser, an Internet service provider and Email will be necessary for those enrolling in this course. A Real Player plug-in is needed and can be downloaded at Test your equipment with this audio file or this video file. Email access is required as well. Links to broadcasts and previous lectures can also be found on the schedule page.