CECS 5610
(Schedule of Topics)
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1. The student will prepare a summary of experimental research and present the summary in class. (See attachment)

 2. The student will write a critique of an experimental research study. (See attachment)

 3. The student will classify various experimental and statistical variables, and types of experimental designs.

4. The student will collaboratively prepare an analysis summary of a research analysis activity.

5. The student will a) prepare and present an analysis of data gathered or b) produce a research design document and present the design to the class.


Class activities will involve discussion of research on specific instructional/technological principles specifically focused on the weaknesses in design, as well as procedures and analysis. Class members will be expected to suggest modifications to the designs or suggest additional investigations substantiating or refuting the authors' conclusions. Each class member will be expected to come to class prepared to discuss the studies assigned.

Students will review statistical and research concepts at the beginning of the semester. Subsequently, the instructor will distribute a study or students will locate studies to summarize or critique. For each study summarized, each student will prepare a one-page review for distribution to the class. For the critique the student is expected to hand out appropriate notes or use visual aides as well. Collaborative research analysis will culminate in a brief jointly authored paper that may be published as a TCET technical report on the World Wide Web. Individual presentation of analysis of data and research designs will come during the latter portion of the class. These should apply concepts and principles conveyed during the earlier portions of the class.


A total of 100 points for the course will be allocated as follows:
Exam 35 points
1 Written Article Summary + 1 Critique 20 points
Collaborative research analysis/paper  10 points
Written Data Analysis/Research Design Paper 20 points
2 Presentations  10 points
Participation 05 points
Total 100 points

Letter grades will be the higher grade resulting from the following two standards:

>=90 A top 10% A

>=80<90 B next 20% B

>=70<80 C next 40% C

>=60<70 D next 20% D

<60 F next 10% F

 Tentative Office Hours (1-26-98)

Monday and Wednesday 10:30-12:00, other times are scheduled by appointment.

Gerald Knezek, Matthews Hall Room 316H, Voice (817) 565-4195, Email gknezek@tenet.edu)

Dana Arrowood (arrowood@coefs.coe.unt.edu)


 1. Campbell and Stanley. Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research (Houghton Mifflin, 1962).

2. McMillan & Wergin. Understanding & Evaluating Educational Research (Merrill, 1998).

The CECS department, in cooperation with the Office of Disability Accommodation, complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act in making reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. Please present your written accommodation request during office hours before the twelfth day of class.