Computer Applications for Curriculum & Instruction
CECS 5500 Course Syllabus
(Summer 1999)
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Instructor:Dr. Gerald Knezek

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Class:10:00-11:50 in Matt 307
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This course is for K-12 educators who are interested in integrating technology into teaching and learning. Its focus is on the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TA-TEKS), and how they can be correlated with other TEKS content areas. Participants should gain a greater understanding of the Technology Applications TEKS and how to introduce them into the curriculum.
The course will be web-based in format, with  real-audio recordings and 24-hour postings (when possible) of live video lectures making up a significant portion of the contact time. However, self-paced, pre-recorded web activities, video archives of instructor presentations, and A/V segments from presentations at various workshops and institutes will also make up a portion of the class contact time.
Participants are required to attend class in person the first day and two additional days the final week of class, one of which is the day the student selects to make his/her presentation.  The other day is to hear classmates' presentations. Live delivery of content will only be available to those who attend lectures/presentations in person, at the posted times.


All are expected to participate in on-line discussions, complete pre-post WWW and Information Technology attitude assessments, keep a 2-entry-per-week journal, complete four assignments, and give one class presentation. There will be no examinations. The four assignments will be:
  1. Gather profile data about a K-12 school of interest, write a brief summary about the school environment and how technology is used (or not used), and post both the data and the writeup to the forum page for the class.
  2. Search the WWW to find sites and on-line print materials relevant to one of the Technology Applications TEKS Curriculum Connections (or another pre-approved topic).
  3. Cross-reference the resources you have found in assignment 2 to the content in another field (preferably one of your interest) such as reading/language arts, science or mathematics.
  4. Produce a lesson plan for a selected Technology Integration activity, submit it in printed and machine readable form and post it on the class forum; then deliver a "show and tell" presentation to the class about your lesson plan (approximately 10 minutes in duration).


A total of 100 points for the course will be allocated as follows:
3 Assignments 60 points
Exam 20 points
Presentation 10 points
Participation  05 points
Attitude pre-post 05 points
100 points
Letter grades will be the higher grade resulting from the following two standards:
top 10%
>=80 & <90
next 20%
>=70 & <80
next 40%
>=60 & <70
next 20%
last 10%

Office Hours: (to be announced)

Gerald Knezek, Matthews Hall Room 316H, voice (940) 565-4195, email