Nikon Coolpix 3200 Camera
Basic Operations

Turn On (Off) the Camera

Press the On/Off switch located on top of the camera

Frame the Subject

Use the optical zoom (the W/T button) in the upper right of the camera body to frame the desired picture

To activate the digital zoom (not recommended), hold down the "T" button for about a second (zoom indicator will turn yellow).

Focus and Take Picture

Press the shutter release button down halfway to lock focus and exposure. When the AF (green) light is showing steady green, press the shutter release down all the way to take the picture.

Auto-focus adjusts to the subject in the center of the frame. If you want the subject to be off-center, first place subject in center of the frame, press the shutter-release halfway as noted above, recompose the picture to place the subject at the desired position (do not release shutter), and then press the shutter release all the way down. 

To View Picturesback of nikon camera

Press the   button (lower-left of multi-selector).

Press the multi-selector down or right to go forward,
or up or left to go backwards.

Press the    button again to return to shooting mode.

To Delete A Picture

To delete a picture displayed in the monitor, press the Trash can icon.

The Flash Settings

Use the multi-selector to select the flash-mode menu (crooked arrow).

Menu Selections (from top to bottom)

Auto Camera activates flash if needed
Auto w/ red-eye Used for portraits to reduce red-eye in subject
Flash cancel Turns off flash
Anytime flash Flash always on
Slow sync To illumine both subject and background in dim light