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Teaching Philosophy

“He (She) who would teach us a truth should situate us so that we discover it ourselves.” -- José Ortega y Gasset 

Teaching is a life-long learning process. To continue to be a good teacher, one needs to form the habit of reflective, innovative, and transformative practices. This is especially true as our society changes rapidly with new media and technologies and as teaching and learning are no longer bound by time and space. In practice, I have incorporated different approaches to encourage active and student-centered learning environments. One approach is learning by teaching.

The concept of learning by teaching has been discussed frequently in research (e.g., Chase, Chin, Oppezzo, & Schwartz, 2009), and has been evidenced in my own research (Lin, 2008) and practices. While learning by teaching, students become authentic contributors and experts in a learning environment and approach the learning materials at a higher level of commitment, understanding, and passion. With the ever-evolving technology, recognizing students’ expertise is particularly important, because each student, not surprisingly, often brings with him or her some special expertise and knowledge that a teacher or other students do not possess. Encouraging each student to be a teacher provides a positive energy for everyone to teach and learn from each other.

The practice of having students learn by teaching transforms the role of a teacher. Teaching has become scaffolding and facilitating an active learning environment. It has become learning. It is learning to find the stumbling blocks, gaps, obstacles, and disorienting moments. It is learning to scaffold and to situate the students in an environment where the students can discover knowledge themselves, help one another discover knowledge, and to respect critical thinking, intellectual dialogue, and teamwork.

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Top finalist for the 2016 ‘Fessor Graham Award! (the highest honor given to a professor directly from the student body)

UNT ‘Fessor Graham Award!


Name as a source of support and inspiration by three doctoral students independently

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2016, Jan. 4

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2014, Dec. 10

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2014, June 4

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