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Research Interests

Research Areas:

  • Media multitasking phenomenon
  • Impacts of technologies on brain, mind, and learning
  • Multimedia and instructional designs for learning
  • Computer-mediated communication and collaborative learning
  • Life-span and life-long learning
  • Smart and connected technology and learning

Interdisciplinary approach to examine the following areas:

  • The foundational and theoretical work examining the intersections between learning sciences and instructional technologies.
  • The affordances of technologies such as online, social media, and games for creating flexible, active, interactive, seamless, and life-long learning opportunities.
  • The psychological, mental, and cognitive impacts of media and technology-enhanced learning environments, in particular, the impacts of media multitasking on mind, brain, and learning.

Please feel free to contact Lin Lin at Lin.Lin@unt.edu if you are interested in participating in my research projects as participants as well as co-researchers.

      Updated 2016. Contact Lin Lin for questions and suggestions.